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Zyntronics Engineering, originally known as Warpzone Engineering began taking form back in 2007 with the main purpose of sharing knowledge, an idea still standing true. Therefore you'll find an ever increasing pile of examples, research documents and software developed at our HQ in Sweden. Sample code and projects will primary focus on programming and electronics, yet everything else that might come in sight of our attention and is deemed worthy will be published. We hope you'll enjoy your stay and perhaps share some knowledge with us. In the creation of this website, the following resources has been used
  • JBBCode by http://jbbcode.com/
  • Emoticons by Oscar Gruno & Andy Fedosjeenko
  • ClipboardJS by Zeno Rocha
  • Verimail by https://github.com/amail/Verimail.js
  • LightBox by Lokesh Dhakar
  • PRISM by https://prismjs.com/
  • Cookie Consent by https://cookieconsent.osano.com/
  • PHPMailer by https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer