Started by Anasazi, 2020-01-30 02:11:51
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Posted 2020-01-30 02:11:51
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Hi there!

Within this section of the forums, you may post crackmes if you so wish. However, you should comply with the following


- Only crackmes written by yourself are allowed, and the files you post must not contain danger of any sort.

To keep it as fun as possible, without boring people to death. Please consider and comply with the following;

- Do not use well known algorithms (e.g MD5, Base64 and so on) neither in it's original form nor modified.
- Packers are OK, as long as it's custom made by you. Thus the usage of for example FSG, UPX, MEW, Aspack, Asprotect etc is strictly forbidden.

Massive algorithms for keygenning is for the most part only time-consuming. Time is of the essence for all of us so in order to maximize the response, you should probably keep the size down, smart and effective code my friends is always the way to go. ;)

Solutions to crackmes are always welcome, though not necessary.

If you're new to reversing, you could take a look at our gamehacking article to get the basic idea of which way to go.
Some tools you might consider using will be listed below.

Tools of the trade

- PEID 0.95 (signature analyzis, which compiler, language and packer used if any)
- A good hexeditor (Hex Workshop is highly recommended)
- OllyDbg / IdaPro / x64dbg or ImmunityDbg (For static and dynamic analyzis and actual reversing of the software)

For dealing with packers, one might consider the following
- ImpRec (For rebuilding the IAT if needed)

A good thought would probably be to do your reversing inside a VM, when the files come from an untrusted source.

Personally, most of the software I use. Both private and public releases dates back to around 2006, before the scene as I knew it faded away.
Which is also the reason to why some ancient software is on the list, they're still full of power due to excellent engineering.

Finally, have fun!
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